The Marvel Of Remote Empowerment

■Book 103 - The Great Spiritual Response Of Tantrayana

■Written by master Sheng-yen Lu

A living Buddha from Tibet was giving a sermon and conducting an empowerment ritual in a city.

A disciple of True Buddha School went to attend the function.

The living Buddha asked him ”Are you a Tantric cultivator? Have you received any empowerment?”

The disciple replied: ”I am a Tantric cultivator, I have received remote empowerment. My root Guru is Living Buddha Lian Shen Master  Sheng-yen Lu.”

The Tibetan Living Buddha said: ” I know of Living Buddha Lian Shen’s reputation. Dalai Lama has sent the elders of the Red, White, Yellow and Flower sects to support the True Buddha Puja held in Hong Kong. The elders are Living Buddha Wei-Se of Red sect, Living Buddha Duo-Er, Living Buddha Ting Lie of White sect, Living Buddha Amchuck, Living Buddha San-San of Yellow sect and Living Buddha Zhan Yang of Flower sect.”

The Tibetan Living Buddha continued: ” By the way, what is remote empowerment?”

The disciple replied: ” Living Buddha Lian Shen is in America, I am in Penang, Malaysia. He did the empowerment in America, and I received it in Malaysia. This is remote empowerment.”

On hearing this, the Tibetan Living Buddha was very shocked and unable to speak a word.

The Tibetan Living Buddha then murmured :

”This is marvellous, I cannot understand. Is this possible?”

He closed his eyes and kept quiet.


When introducing Living Buddha Lian Shen to the fans, the movie ”The Great Superstition” says ”A new religious star is born, Living Buddha Lian Shen Master  Sheng-yen Lu created a commotion in the whole world. He introduced the remote empowerment to this world. His disciples numbered more than a million. The strength of the new sect is ever increasing.”

Even the movie mentioned about remote empowerment.

Almost a thousand disciples received remote empowerment daily. The last count put the number of disciples in the region of 1.2 million.

The amazing speed of its growth continues unabated.


Many of the True Buddha disciples have experienced great responses after receiving their remote empowerment.

A child suffering from muscular atrophy was confined to a wheelchair for more than seven years.

On the day he received his remote empowerment, he was very happy and told his mother:  ”I can feel my legs are very strong now.”

His mother said: ”Xiao Ming don’t you show off again, I don’t believe what you said.”

When Xiao Ming suddenly stood up from his wheelchair, and moving around, his mother could not believe in what she saw.

Both Xiao Ming and his mother attributed the recovery to the power of remote empowerment.

The tantric responses from the remote empowerment were so numerous to count. Time and again the news were transmitted to all corners of the world. The responses may not be the same but one thing for sure every body was grateful and the news is encouraging.

The mute spoke.

The dumb heard.

Cancerous tumour disappeared.

All the pains suddenly vanished.


After receiving the remote empowerment:

Someone dreamed that Living Buddha Lian Shen Master Sheng-yen Lu sprayed water onto him during the empowerment, as if he was receiving a personal empowerment.

Someone saw Living Buddha Lian Shen appeared from the cloud, even from the sun. Living Buddha radiated light at him, he was so grateful and cried.

Someone felt he was touched by Living Buddha Lian Shen during his meditation.

Someone felt water was spraying from the void towards him.

Someone felt electrocuted, and the whole body numb for a while.

Someone saw the appearance of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, teaching him dharma, mantra and the nine-phase breathing method.

Someone dreamed that space-travelling goddess was sending a certificate to him, to congratulate him for taking refuge in True Buddha School. This was accompanied by heavenly music and dances.

Someone was suddenly able to comprehend completely the previously difficult to understand Sutra. A great improvement in his wisdom.

There are too many of these instances. The phenomena could not be understood by many dharma teachers and gurus. But a fact is a fact.