The Marvel Of Remote 


■Book 103 - The Great Spiritual Response Of Tantrayana

■Written by master Sheng-yen Lu


I said previously :” To be able to carry out the remote empowerment, a Vajra guru must have the following three types of accomplishments:

1. the accomplishment of space travelling. 

2. the accomplishment of assimilation of senses. 

3. the accomplishment of root deity brightness.”

My explanation is as follows:

1. Accomplishment of space travelling. Because the vajra guru can travel in space, he can fly directly to his disciple’s home, -three thousand phenomena in a thought-. That is why the remote empowerment is the same as personal empowerment, as the vajra guru flies to the disciple’s home and empower him personally.

2. Accomplishment of assimilation of senses. There are two ways of doing it. The first is assimilating all the senses of disciples wishing to take refuge to the True Buddha Tantric Shrine, and carry out a group empowerment. The second way is to summon all the one hundred thousand space travelling goddesses, each of them carried a bowl of water to the disciples’ and empower them. (same as the Taoist priest summons the ghosts and gods to work).

3. Accomplishment of root deity brightness. After the spiritual response with the root deity, the vajra guru will be able to change into the root deity, and radiate brightness from the void to shine onto the whole world. By so doing the disciples will be able to feel the empowerment by the bright lights. The prowess seems to be originated from the sun. A guru who has attained this level will be able to radiate brightness towards the whole universe.

To tell the truth, my analysis is as real as my Buddha eyes:

I am able to use my deva eyes to empower in accordance with ”Exposition on Vajra Sutra”, which recorded ”Om, and now the Vajrasattva will initiate your deva eyes, the Supreme Vajra eyes, open all the eyes now. Chant the mantra: ”Om, ruo za na qu ah hum suaha”.

Master Silence explained: ”Vajra eyes suggest the eyes will not be hindered by material. They are as supreme as the Buddha eyes. All the eyes imply that the eyes can see everything. open denotes all the hindrance are eradicated”.

Using the eyes to see all the lights is empowerment.

The eyes are the same as that of the Buddha.

Since I have the Buddha eyes, Supreme eyes, All the eyes, and Vajra eyes, everything in the ten dharma realms can be seen by me.


I have a verse for the remote empowerment of True Buddha School:

The most magnificent and blissful Living Buddha Lian Shen,

With three great accomplishments he established the remote empowerment,

Devoted disciples who follow the guru’s teaching,

Will sing the song of praise as they experience spiritual responses,

Wishing that all good causes are well disseminated,

They study the rites and know the essentials,

Using all the expedient methods,

They librate more people to the faith of Tantra.


I would like to reproduce a letter as evidence before I conclude this chapter: ”The remote empowerment by Living Buddha Lian Shen will enable disciples to have spiritual response.” ”Rainbow colours appeared, and the blue was particularly intensive.” (as mentioned in the letter)

Rainbow colour is brightness empowerment.

Blue colour means eradication of hindrance by means of brightness.


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