The Dog Spirit(二)

■Book 148 - The Power of Mantra

■Written by master Sheng-yen Lu

When Pan Ching was alive, he was responsible for the business of a major trading venture. Hence, he enjoyed a good life. Mrs Pan and the two kids were present and I examined Pan Ming. Pan Ming's eyes were reddish and despite taking the doctor's prescription, the condition Conjunctivitis, or Pink Eye simply wouldn't go away. This was because the dog spirit was attached to Pan Ming's body. 

I said, 'The dog spirit is on Pan Ming.'

Pan Ming said nothing, stood up and stared fiercely at me. The family was horrified. I said, 'Don't worry. I can deal with this.'

Pan Ming then said, ' I have an urge to charge forward and bite Living Buddha Lu, except that I am suppressing it.'

'Don't worry. I can handle it.'

'Living Buddha, you must drive out this spirit!' Mrs Pan said.

'There's no need for exorcism!' I said, 'All I need is to sit in meditation much like the Buddha in yoga posture on the marble floor of the living area, forming the Dharma Realm Stability Mudra with the spine straightened and shoulders spread. I shall then nod and bend the neck downward to press on the Adam's apple with my tongue touching the upper jaw and my eyes still and focussed. Seated in stillness, I cleared my thoughts and balanced my body and mind. 

I chanted: 

'Om Sobawa Suda Sarva Dharma Sobawa Sudo Ham(3X) (Emptiness Visualization Mantra).' 

With the power of blessing from the Buddha, from the Dharma Realm, and my own cultivation power combined, I was transformed into emptiness. 

The dog spirit could not see me. I silently chant: 

'Namo Sarva Tathagata Valokite Om Sambala Sambala Hum(3X) (Food Transformation Mantra).' 

I was transformed into a pile of bones. Having been transformed into a pile of finger licking bones, the dog spirit would certainly be most enticed when he saw me. The dog spirit jumped and bit the bones, and thus entered my body. With this, the dog spirit left Pan Ming's body, and attached itself to me. 

I stood up and announced to Pan Ching's family, 'The dog spirit is on my body. I am bringing him away. From now onwards, your household will be peaceful and everything shall be fine.' 

This was what I said, and the life of Pan's family indeed returned to normal. 

When I left Pan's house, the strange smell also disappeared. A stray dog that has not taken a bath, whose skin rots at the same time, produces an extremely pungent smell. When I left the place, the smell disappeared. 

Mrs Pan's swollen body and dry skin texture recovered from that day onwards. She went through much urination and the swell subsided completely. The dry and cracking skin of hers also improved greatly, and within three days, all illness was cured. Mrs Pan found it a miracle, as she recovered without taking any medication. 

Pan Ching's daughter headache lifted, as if someone had carried away a rock on her head, and thus felt much relieved. Pan Ming's reddened and inflamed eyes, much like that of the rabid dog, were healed. His behaviour showed a marked recovery and appeared much healthy and fine. 

The strange phenomenon in the house also disappeared. There was no automatic movement of things, and no strange noises. The Pan family was very grateful for my help. 

The issue now was not Pan's family. Rather, it became mine to deal with. I realized this Alsation's spirit had a great deal of spiritual power. It was dashing all over my body, wanting to break out. I was not ready to release him. My body was much like an iron cage, locking it within me. There was no escape. Having lost its freedom, it would not be able to harm anyone. 

The dog spirit told me, 'I will bite your liver!'

I knew Pan Ching was bitten to death this way. I said, 'Go ahead and bite!' The dog bit and broke his K9 teeth, as I had transformed my liver into a Vajra. 

'I will bite your heart!' The dog proceeded, yet I transformed my heart into stainless steel. 

'I will bite your intestine!' And the dog bit me. My intestine had been turned into a piece of granite. The dog barked and said, 'Your heart is stone cold!' I laughed out loud. 

Alhough this dog spirit could do no harm to me, its filthy energy affected my being. My physical body was polluted. 

I chanted the Pure Water Mantra: 

The Genuine Water of the Infinite. 

Its liquid crystal clear.

Purify Soul and let wisdom grow.

Nurturing all living so they may flourish.

Cleansing and purifying everything far and near.

Through cultivation one advances towards the Jade Capital. 

(Pronunciation of Original Text: Wu Ji Zhen Shui/Ye Ti Xian Ming/ Jing Xi Ling Tai Zhi Hui Sheng/ Wan Wu Zi Run Rong/ Xia Er Cheng Qing/ Xiu Dao Shang Yu Jing)

I chanted the Heart Purification Mantra: 

My spirit is genuine as I cultivate purely.

My mind is genuine as I cultivate purely.

My Chi is genuine as I cultivate purely.

My five organs are genuinely purified. 

(Pronunciation of Original Text: Shen Cheng Jing Xiu/ Yi Cheng Jing Xiu/ Qi Cheng Jing Xiu/ Wu Zang Cheng Jing)


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