The Dog Spitrit(三)

■Book 148 - The Power of Mantra

■Written by master Sheng-yen Lu

I recited the Speech Purification Mantra: 

My throat is cleansed as I cultivate purely.

My tongue is cleansed as I cultivate purely.

My teeth is cleansed as I cultivate purely.

My three karma is cleansed and purified. 

(Pronunciation of Original Text: Hou Qing Jing Xiu/ She Qing Jing Xiu/ Ci Qing Jing Xiu/ San Ye Qing Jing)

I chanted the Body Purification Mantra: 

My body is clean as I cultivate purely.

I am cleansed as I cultivate purely.

I am neat as I cultivate purely.

My heart is clean and pure. 

(Pronunciation of Original Text: Ti Jie Jing Xiu/ Qing Jie Jing Xiu/ Zheng Jie Jing Xiu/ Yi Xin Jie Jing)

I recited the Three Karma Purification Mantra: 

The realms that exist within one's body,

All thirty-six thousand spirits,

Fulfill your duties within the organs.

From past to future,

May I enjoy good health,

May I always dwell in the Three Treasures.

When met with destruction,

My body shall remain forever,

As I recite this True Scripture,

The karma of body, speech and mind is purified.

Execute this order at once. 

(Pronunciation of Original Text: Shen Zhong Zu Nei Jing/ San Wan Liu Qian Shen/ Dong Zuo Fu Xing Zang/ Qian Jie Bing Hou Ye/ Yuan Wo Shen Zi Zai/ Chang Zhu San Bao Zhong/ Dang Yu Jie Huai Shi/ Wo Shen Chang Bu Mie/ Song Ci Zhen Wen Shi/ Sheng Xin Kuo Jie Qing Jing/ Ji Ji Ru Liu Ling)

When I finished my recitation, my body and mind became purified of the filthy energy. And remarkably, the dog spirit became purified in its body and mind upon listening to my mantra recitation. It listened quietly. I was happy that the karma of the dog spirit was cleansed at the end of my chanting. 

Finally, I chanted the Heaven and Earth Purification Mantra: 

Heaven and earth is balanced with nature.

All pollution shall disperse.

The mystical wonders within the Heavenly Zone. 

The illuminating Supreme Origin, Tai Yuan.

The powerful gods of the eight directions.

Let me become one with nature.

Talisman Mandate of the Numinous Treasure, Ling Bao

Announcing to the Nine Heavens.

Qian Lou Da Na. 

Energy Wind from the Heavenly Zone of Supreme Mystery,

Sever demons and bind evils.

Kill tens of thousands of ghosts.

This Central Mountain Magical Mantra.

The Jade Scripture of the Primeval, Yuan Shi.

Recite this once,

Curing all sickness and prolonging life.

Circulate this order in the Five Mountains,

Throughout all Eight Seas it shall be known.

The Demon King shall be defeated.

Guard me in my resident.

All filth and pollution shall be eliminated.

The Tao Chi shall always prosper.

Execute this order at once. 

(Pronunciation of Original Text: Tian Di Zi Ran/ Hui Qi Fen San/ Dong Zhong Xuan Xu/ Huang Lang Tai Yuan/Ba Fang Wei Shen/ Shi Wo Zi Ran/Ling Bao Fu Ming/ Pu Gao Jiu Tian/Qian Luo Da Na/ Dong Gang Tai Xuan/ Zhan Yao Fu Xie/ Sa Gui Wan Qian/ Zhong Shan Shen Zhou/ Yuan Shi Yu Wen/ Chi Song Yi Bian/ Qu Bing Yan Nian/ An Xing Wu Yue/ Ba Hai Zhi Wen/ Mo Wang Shu Shou/ Shi Wei Wo Xuan/ Xiong Hui Dang Jin/ Dao Qi Chang Cun/Ji Ji Ru Liu Ling)

(Translator's note: Similar to the Sanskrit mantras, most Taoist spells call upon the names of the supreme deities. Instead of translating only the sound, I have decided to approach the translation of the Taoist spells by translating the meaning of the words in Chinese. They should convey the same power when chanted in the English, when the readers can understand what they mean.)

Upon reciting this mantra, the dog spirit shrunk to half its size and became immobilized. It was being tied up. The dog spirit yelled, 'Stop chanting. Stop Chanting. I am willing to take refuge.' 

'You want to take refuge. That's good.' I said. 


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