This is what Tathagata Shakyamuni Expounds(四)

■Book 148 - The Power of Mantra

■Written by master Sheng-yen Lu

'If you recite this sutra constantly, you shall gain the knowledge of recollecting seven of your past lives, thus achieving attainment of the mantra. Svaha.' 

Thus, another mantra: 

Tadyata Jarmi Jarmi Sajami Samani Sajani Svaha. 

When the Buddha had finished expounding this sutra, Ananda and the other members of the assembly were filled with joy, and they believed and accepted it and respectfully put it into practice. 

* * *

I personally feel that illness ranks first among the sufferings in this Saha or human world. The Buddhist sutras mention that arising from the four elements of earth, water, fire and wind are four hundred kinds of illness. Every illness is tormenting and painful, especially cancer, as it remains incurable till date.

Shakaymuni Buddha's mantra on curing cancer is: 

'Tadyata Alante Alame Sribi Sili Sili Mahasiji Sambobato Svaha.'

This mantra is rarely seen and not many are aware of it. It is recorded in the Chinese Buddhist Canon(Zhonghua Dazangjing) first series volume five on page 16868. This mantra has helped many. 

I know of another case. A person by the name of Ho Chai approached me. He knelt at my front door and despite my attempts to lift him, he simply refused to stand up. Until I promised to save him, he would remain kneeling. I finally gave in, and he stood up. 

I asked him, 'What's wrong?'

'Cancer, last-stage.'

'What cancer?'

'Hodgkin's lymphoma in the armpits.' Ho Chai pull up his sleeves and showed me. I was taken aback at the sight of lymph nodes spreading over the skin. The malignant tumor cells had spread to the bones and other areas. I shook my head as I knew he was beyond any treatment. I asked, 'What did the doctors think?' 

Ho Chai replied, 'Within half a year.' 

I told Ho Chai I would do my best to help him, but I could only do so much. He had to seek help from Shakyamuni Buddha himself! 

I taught him the Cancer Curing Mantra of Shakyamuni Buddha. I mentioned that after chanting the mantra, he would need to recite these lines of blessing, 'I am disciple Ho Chai, presently suffering from cancer. I pray to the Buddha for thy blessing. May you bestow your compassion upon me so that my cancerous decease may be removed and my life prolonged. Namo Shakyamuni Buddha. Namo Buddhas of the Ten Directions. Namo Dharma of the Ten Directions. Namo Sangha of the Ten Directions.' 

Upon returning home, Ho Chai did as he was instructed, and after twenty-one days of cultivation, he saw Shakyamuni Buddha appearing before him in a twilight state between waking and dreaming. Shakyamuni Buddha spoke to him, 'Ho Chai. Your illness is beyond cure. Leave with me!' 

'No! I want to live!' 

'The human world is but an ocean of suffering. It is a mansion in flame. Isn't it better to leave with me?' 

'No! My wish is not fulfilled. I have to stay alive.' Ho Chai insisted. 

'How many more years do you need to fulfill this wish of yours?'

'Five years.'

Shakyamuni Buddha said, 'Very well then. You shall have five more years. You should continue with chanting your mantra.' 

Interestingly, after having this dream, Ho Chai's illness seemed to diminish, and he felt like he was normal and healthy like most people. The cancer was not eradicated, but it had not worsened, and went no further. Ho Chai lived another five years, and when the time came, his tumor spread and he passed away. 

Ho Chai's cancer was not cured, but it had not deteriorated, thus allowing him to fulfill his wish before he left for good. Regarding Ho Chai's case, I feel it has little to do with the effectiveness of the Cancer Curing Mantra, but rather his time is up. Not even the Buddha can save his life. If his life can be saved, there will be no dead person on earth. However, I discover this Cancer Curing Mantra can prolong one's life, and I believe it can deliver one to the Buddha Land, thus explaining why Shakyamuni Buddha himself would appear and receive Ho Chai upon his death! 


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