The Charm Of Butterflies

■Book 104 - A Plethora Of Scenic Splendours

■Written by GrandMaster Sheng-yen Lu


I wrote a book “The Charm Of Butterflies” previously.

Flying from Kuala Lumpur to Penang on December 28, 1992, I visited the Butterfly garden at 3:00 p.m.

I enjoyed the charm of Butterflies from a close distance. They stuck out their tongues to lick the pineapple juice. The tongue is black, thin and as long as its body. I came to realize the analogy of long-tongue woman to a beautiful butterfly

During the visit, I must have seen more than a thousand species of Butterflies. The world of Butterflies must be more complicated than that of the mankind, I believe.

Their skills in camouflaging surprised me. They are able to adapt to their surroundings by changing their colours, so that they cannot be detected by their enemies.

Some of the Butterflies are able to rest between the leaves and the branches. And the colours of their clothes (wings) are almost the same as the surrounding leaves.

Hanging between branches, some Butterflies look more like dry twigs. Unless you pay special attention, you cannot tell whether they are twigs or butterflies.

Some Butterflies attach their bodies to the stone and the shape of the stone is identical to that of the Butterflies. The butterflies have embodied the stone; they are one and the same.

Slumbering in the sand pitch are some Butterflies that have sand-like wings. They look just like a heap of sand from afar, it is not easy to spot them.

“Butterflies are like Ninjas , who are capable of disguising themselves into many things.”

I watched closely how a caterpillar changed into a pupa, then into a butterfly. The world of butterflies is really eventful.

Suddenly I burst into laughter. Why? I concluded that “Those who fear death, are in fact dying faster.”

The life of a butterfly is never long; after a few dances, it will be dead. And yet the butterflies are so afraid to die. Normally all animals are masters of their own lives. Only the butterflies are unable to protect themselves when they are attacked; they try their best to protect themselves though.

My first impression was that they would be warriors capable of going through fire and water, and they will never be afraid of death. They will not be threatened by death when they enjoy collecting the nectar from the flowers. 

But I was wrong. While enjoying, they fear death also. In fact they faked death.

I have to conclude that the charm of Butterflies lies in their enjoyment, not when they are under attack.

I will still be a warrior to walk the road of no return.

I have vowed that “Risking my life and breaking my bones, I will succour all human beings.” I really understand the enjoyment of life and the fear of death.

To die for Buddhist dharma is glorious. My eyes will show the spirit of fearlessness. To propagate the True Buddha Tantra, I am not scared of death, as long as I can succour a few more human beings.

With this state of mind, I set out to succour human beings. I have a lot of problems, but I am not bothered by them, as I know the right time to pass my life to the cosmic power.

I concede, “Life and death are so swift both to the Butterflies and to the human beings. It is better to be a hero than a coward in your life time.”

The path of cultivation is the most lofty and the most valuable. Only through personal cultivation can life be meaningful. All other ways are but a dead end. The path of cultivation is the only way leading to the truth. Only those who are wise enough, rational enough, learned enough, and have the right causation can follow this unparalleled path.


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