A Poem Descended By Living Buddha Ji Gong(2)

■Book 104 - A Plethora Of Scenic Splendours

■Written by GrandMaster Sheng-yen Lu


He will also repent on behalf of the wondering souls, debtors, so that all previous hatred can be forgiven and forgotten. The souls of those deceased can be uplifted and be feted by Buddha to the Western Pure Land.

For the last two weeks, Living Buddha Lian Shen conducted many rituals in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, and Sibu. Tens of thousands of people attended them. It is a commotion in Buddhism.

We were told when Living Buddha conducted a ritual in Hong Kong on December 28th , 1991, more than one million people registered themselves. This can be considered an all time record in Buddhism history. Living Buddha Lian Shen made a great vow to break his bones and sacrifice his life for the salvation of all sentient beings. He used the dharma powers from Buddhism and Taoism to transfer all the unwholesome karma of others to himself, he suffered all kinds of sickness on behalf of others. After a torture of three days and three nights, he saved many of his disciples who were suffering from all kinds of terminal illness.

When the ritual was in progress that night, three rays of colourful rainbows suddenly appeared in the dark sky. A miracle that was unseen, unheard of. Some said that this was proof that Living Buddha Lian Shen had already attained a level that he could change his body into a rainbow at will.

Living Buddha will be staying in Tawau for five days. Apart from conducting ritual to be held on 9th 7:30 p.m. at Ba Zhong Qiu Fu Memorial Hall, he will also be giving an important sermon on 7th 7:30 p.m. at the concourse of Lian Hu Lei Tsang Temple. At the same time, he will empower those newly joining the School.

Those who take refuge and receive empowerment, will have Buddha power after Living Buddha uses mystic power to energize them.

Those disciples who received his empowerment will also be able to have an empowered body. By virtue of Living Buddha's power derived from cultivation, all the disciples will be enlightened as a Buddha. His empowerment is known: to cure sickness, to remove worries, to eradicate calamity, to settle court case, to accumulate merit for the participants, to prolong life, to gain benefit, to result in good interpersonal relationship with others, to have more children, to have loving kindness, and to respect others.

It is also said those who have taken refuge in him will be protected by 36 numbers of good gods and more.

Those wishing to take part in the above-mentioned ritual or taking refuge in Living Buddha Lian Shen may register themselves at the Lian Hu Lei Tsang Temple.

For the convenience of those wishing to take refuge in Living Buddha Lian Shen, Master Lu Sheng Yen, we write below the procedure:

Those wishing to take refuge in Living Buddha Lian Shen and obtain his lineage in True Buddha School can use one of the two methods.

Taking refuge personally - make prior appointment for the date and time and fly to Seattle - Redmond's True Buddha Tantric Garden to receive personal empowerment by Living Buddha.

After the ceremony, Living Buddha will give out the acknowledgement certificate, his photograph and cultivation text to the newly initiated so that they can obtain the lineage.

Taking refuge by letter-Because disciples could be from all over the world, it is not possible for all to take refuge personally. Those wishing to take refuge may face the direction of the rising sun on either 1st or 15th day of lunar month and recite the Mantra of taking refuge three times.

“Namo guru peh, Namo Buddha Ya, Namo dharma Ya, Namo sanggha Ya, with the guidance of Lian Shen the saint, I now take refuge in True Buddha.”

After chanting three times, do prostration three times. (either on the 1st or 15th day of Lunar month)

Living Buddha on his part will hold a remote empowerment session at the True Buddha Tantric Garden on those days to empower those who are unable to take refuge in person.

Those who have completed the rites at home must then write a letter giving the details of their real name, address, age, and any amount of offering to True Buddha Tantric Garden, highlighting “Taking refuge and empowerment” at the envelope .

After receiving the letter, Lian Shen the saint will post the acknowledgement certificate, his photograph and tell the disciple what dharma to cultivate first. This is how the lineage is obtained.

The address of True Buddha Tantric Quarter is

Sheng-Yen Lu

17102 NE 40th CT.

Redmond WA. 98052



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