Images In The Sky

■Book 104 - A Plethora Of Scenic Splendours

■Written by GrandMaster Sheng-yen Lu


A disciple by the name Lian Hua Di Jing brought his father Lian Hua Ming Xiong, his mother Lian Hua Chai Xiang, and his younger brother Lian Hua Di Lin to Tawau to take part in the True Buddha ritual. They sat in the car for more than ten hours from 7:00 o' clock in the morning to 7:00 o'clock in the evening.

Lian Hua Di Jin wrote a letter to me later and enclosed some photographs for me. He described the story of “images in the sky” in detail.

“After the ritual, I followed grand master's instruction and took a look at the sky. Some of them said the stars seemed strange while others said it was the moon. My brother and I insisted that it must be the moon, because it was so glittering, clear, and serene. Before the rainbows were formed, we took a picture of the moon. When we were asked whether there was anything in the moon, I replied that I was not sure. But the moon was beautiful indeed. 

Not long later, an inconceivable phenomena appeared, the moon radiated rounds and rounds of lights. We placed our camera in the tripod. The speed of the camera was set to one second, and the aperture enlarged before we took the shot. At that time, most of the people had already left for home. My brother, my mother and I were still looking at the moon! (enclosed are two photographs) One of the photographs looks like the heart Mantra wheel of Grandmaster. In view of this, We printed more copies for our friends. We hope they will believe Grandmaster is really an enlightened Living Buddha who can change his body into rainbow lights. I am delighted all of them have more confidence now. 

The above was the letter from Lian Hua Di Jin.

Rainbow is both real and unreal. Life is a dream and an illusion. As passer-by, why don't we pluck the rainbow and get rid of all the suffering in life.

The story of “Images in the sky” is both magnificent and unique.

When Jesus Christ was born, a big star radiated at him.

When Buddha was born, nine dragons bathed him with water. And the earth had six earthquakes.

When I presides over rituals, there are many different images in the sky....

Someone saw my body changing into rainbow.

Someone saw me sitting in the moon .

Someone saw my heart Mantra appearing in the moon.

Layers of rainbows surrounded the moon.

Someone saw a lot of flowers dripping from the sky, red, yellow, white, purple....

The newspaper reported that:

A record was set for the ritual by Buddhism organisation in our state. Many people experienced spiritual response in the perfect and magnificent ritual.

The Padmakumara ritual for merit accumulation, calamity eradication, and souls deliverance organised by True Buddha School Lian Hu Lei Tsang Temple Tawau has broken a record to be the most successful ritual held by any religious organisation in the state.

The chairman of Lian Hu Lei Tsang Temple said the ritual was presided by Living Buddha Lian Shen. More than twenty thousand registered for the ritual and more than three thousand Buddhists and well-wishers turned up personally. Qiu Fu Memorial Hall was full to the beam. This was the second time True Buddha School held the ritual in Tawau. More than one thousand foreigners came to take part. It was news in Tawau. The feat is even admired by other religious organisations.

Apart from Buddhists who came to see the charm of Living Buddha Lian Shen, and took part in the ritual, many prominent people, politicians and members of other religious bodies from the state also rushed to the opening ceremony and ritual. They paid respect to the accomplishment of Living Buddha Lian Shen.

The ritual was perfect and magnificent. Many people experienced spiritual response. Half way through the ritual many disciples standing outside the hall started to scream continuously when they looked at the sky. Many more inside the memorial hall ran out and did the same. They saw seven rays of five-coloured rainbows appearing gradually in the surrounding of the moon. Some lucky ones even reported that they saw the solemn looking image of Living Buddha Lian Shen in the moon.

People from other districts of Tawau also reported they saw the same spectacular scene. Nobody heard of the moon surrounded by rainbow at night before. This was a miracle.

We were given to understand Living Buddha and rainbow have deep relationship. Whenever and wherever he presides a ritual, rainbow lights will always surface. According to Tantrayana belief, this is a clear evidence that Living Buddha Lian Shen has achieved the level of “changing his body into rainbow lights.”

When Living Buddha was officiating at the opening and initiating ceremony in the morning of 8th, a big white lotus was seen in the sky. Living Buddha Lian Shen is the reincarnation of the white Padmakumara from the Western Pure Land.

Yang Jun He said, Living Buddha Lian Shen is the most compassionate person in the Buddhism world. He is well known to have brought salvation to many. Before coming to Tawau, Grandmaster has visited Singapore, Johor, Kuala Lumpur and Sibu. He will have to rush to Hong Kong tomorrow to conduct another ritual and succour more human beings in suffering.

While in Tawau, Grandmaster worked from dawn to mid-night to serve his believers. He held consultation sessions, paid visits to other religious bodies, officiated the opening ceremony of Lian Hu Lei Tsang Temple, gave dharma talks, empowered his disciples, and conducted ritual. 

It is very tiring for the Grandmaster. In view of his vow and great compassion, he was able to succour more than five hundred new disciples at the ritual in Tawau. Lei Tsang Tze has close to one thousand members now. Members of the temple wish to thank the Grand master for his presence and great cause.

On behalf of the temple he also liked to invite those who had just taken refuge in Living Buddha to attend the weekly group cultivation session, cultivating the superb and valuable True Buddha Tantra together.

The success of the ritual was mainly attributed to helps rendered by dharma brothers and sisters from local and overseas. Mr Yang would like to take this opportunity to thank all of them whole-heartedly.


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