True Buddha Lamp


■Book 104 - A Plethora Of Scenic Splendours

■Written by GrandMaster Sheng-yen Lu


True Buddha School has a chapter by the name of “Ren Shan” in Sandakan. The Chapter Head Lin Zhen Ge came along many disciples to take part in the ritual at Tawau. During the dinner held on January 7th, he sang a song entitled “True Buddha Lamp.”

The lyrics are as follows:

An old lamp,

was lit in the old India,

a place called Bodhigaya.

And now another lamp,

is being lit in the west,

Seattle in the States,

Shakyamuni is dead though,

his wisdom lamp is inherited by

Living Buddha Lian Shen, who will

succour all sentient beings,

Take refuge in True Buddha, and

cultivate True Buddha Tantra.

(After all the sentient beings are enlightened then I shall become a Buddha-that is the great vow of Living Buddha Lian Shen. As a good teacher is hard to come by, we must whole-heartedly honour our teacher, treasure the Tantra, and cultivate personally. Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hum! Padmakumara Heart Mantra. Let us hope the True Buddha lamp can be passed on, and the lights radiate everywhere.)

His charming voice was impressive. His thought profound and full of confidence. The melody lingers in our mind.

The song reminded me of:

Lamp - one of the eight offerings. It is brightness, which is the ultimate aim of all Buddhists. The correct view of True Buddha School is “Brightness of emptiness.”

The lamp of the poor - In the Sutra of Ajatasatru, a poor old lady used all her saving to buy a lamp and offered it to Shakyamuni. The small lamp was what she had. All the lamps went off after a strong wind, only the one offered by the old lady was still burning. Shakyamuni Buddha prophesied the old lady will be a future Buddha.

The lamp symbolises wisdom.

Bright Lamp Buddha - whose full name was Sun-Moon-Bright-Lamp Buddha was a Buddha of the past. In the present era, he is Shakyamuni Buddha. He pointed out previously that Shakyamuni Buddha would show the six signs of auspicious look and expound the Lotus Sutra.

I also think of Lighting Lamp Buddha. When he was born, the surrounding was very bright as if lamps were being lit. Accordingly he was called Lighting Lamp Prince and Lighting Lamp Buddha after his 

enlightenment. His previous name was Tranquil Light Buddha.

In the second Asankhya (there are four asankhya kalpas in the rise, duration, end of every universe), when Sakyamuni was still cultivating, Lighting Lamp Buddha was just born into the world. Shakyamuni Buddha bought a five petalled lotus to make offering to him. He also asked Lighting Lamp Buddha to step on the hair he buried in the mud. Lighting Lamp Buddha then prophesied that Shakyamuni will be a future Buddha with the same name.

There are people who believe that “Lu Sheng Yen has done something he should not have done. He should not make comparison with Shakyamuni Buddha. He is really stupid.”

My explanation, “A Buddhist aspires to become a Buddha. If he does not make comparison with Buddha then who else will?”

I continue, “Nowadays, Shakyamuni Buddha is enshrined at a high position. The Buddha has to be seated; but we human beings are standing. There is a wrong perception that a Buddha will be a Buddha, and human beings are human beings forever. As a Buddhist, we must learn from Buddha until our body, speech, and mind are the same as that of Shakyamuni Buddha, then we can gain the same enlightenment as Shakyamuni did.

Someone remarked, “Lu Sheng Yen does not look like a fool, he is too smart a human being. May be what he said is right!”

Another person said, “What Lu Sheng Yen said is marvellous, he has gained an unfair advantage, his Padmakumara photograph already has a lotus seat! “

I am now telling the truth to all of you:

Shakyamuni Buddha said it long long ago, heart, Buddha and sentient beings are one and the same. Not two or three different things. He also said it at the same time that all sentient beings are Buddhas. Human is the same as Buddha. They are of the same origin, and not two different species.

I follow the footstep of Shakyamuni Buddha closely when I learn Buddhism. Close enough for me to embrace, and embody him. Two of us are just like one single person. I am Shakyamuni, and Shakyamuni is me.

To learn Buddhism, we have to do so. Many monks in this world believe wrongly that those who are in high position must be respected and not be emulated or compared. They will not 


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