The Wave Samurai

■Book 111 - Roving Over The World

■Written by GrandMaster Sheng-yen Lu


My reply.

\`Because I am enlightened.\`

\`What have you enlightened?\`

\`I see everything clearly as it is.\` I added : \`the title is no difference from those of the past Buddhas. All of us have gained enlightenment. The truth is nothing will increase nor decrease, in fact there is no difference in anything. My dharma body is permeating in the universe, I can appear anywhere, in any form as I like. Therefore my dharma body is the same as that of the Buddha. Moreover, the dharma I have is the same as that taught by other Buddhas.\`

Therefore I know I have my transmigrations in many countries

China, Tibet, India, Taiwan, Japan.....

When I was reborn in India, so was Lian Hua Jing Xiang.

When I was reborn in Japan, so was Lian Hua Jing Xiang.

When I am reborn in Taiwan, so is Lian Hua Jing Xiang.

She has been my disciple all the while.

The lyrics she wrote was:

\`Seeing my past-life teacher this life, I am able to read my teacher`s mind although we had parted long time ago.

I am able to recall my past cultivation and how I walked the Bodhi path, once grand master opens the key in my mind.\`

It is joyous to be able to verify what we did in the past and present lives. It is a perfect situation regardless of time. After seeking out what we felt, only propitious omen remains. The encounter is not a strange thought, nor is it a connivance, it is really a case of transmigration that was performing in real life situation.

I was thinking of the waves.............................

Life is very short, soon it will come to an end. Life is just like waves being pushed by the current, appearing and disappearing.....

In the whole process, only \`present\` is the most fascinating.

I have found the truth of life at the present moment.

I am able to distance myself from all kinds of troubles.

I do not have pain, nor fear. I don`t bother about success or failure. I am no longer loss.

Through the article \`waves\`, I believe you can comprehend the true meaning of living, if you pay special attention to my words - - 

\`I am a valuable person. But the biggest value is valueless.

I owe the whole universe, I am the universe.

But I am all alone in this world, even my body does not belong to me.

I possess the mystic powers. The powers derived from cosmos which is without boundary.

Life is without a beginning, nor has it an end.

This life is only a short journey.

The meaning of life lies in recognizing what life is.

There are mountains higher than this mountain.

Likewise, there are mountains lower than this mountain.

I take a breather, inhale a gulp of fresh air, and enjoy seeing the scenery this life.

Once I am enlightened, I will tell everybody the truth I have realized.

I did all what the past saints did.

To me, everything is emptiness.

I do not bother about anything.

The truth is : \`Good and bad, success and failure, beautiful and ugly, kind and evil, vegetarian meal and non-vegetarian meal, Buddha and Mara, Heaven and Earth, Love and hatred, big and small.....\` all these contrasts do not exist.

There is no contrast; only absolute.

When you are too practical, you must be more imaginative.

When you are too imaginative, you must be more practical.

The highest level of wisdom is no wisdom.\`

When everybody was singing \`Tomorrow will be a better day.\`

I was thinking \`Tomorrow is just another day.\`

Enlightenment is no easy task. It is painstakingly marching towards the destination. I must admit, I did not have a sudden enlightenment; I had a progressive enlightenment. In fact, I consider sudden enlightenment to be the accumulation of progressive enlightenment.

Enlightenment is definitely not a specious argument, nor is it an equivocal attitude.

Enlightenment is not a deceptive argument.

Enlightenment is utilization.

Enlightenment is not a superficial phenomena.

Enlightenment cannot be explained in word. It is the finger pointing to the moon.

Finally I come to realization.

I want to tell the whole world what I have realized the truth. It does not matter whether they can understand me. I even wrote a song entitled \`It does not matter.\`


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