The Wave Samurai

■Book 111 - Roving Over The World

■Written by GrandMaster Sheng-yen Lu

In this life, I have read many books and have many encounters that other human never dreamed of. My ability to communicate with the spiritual world is excellent. I am able to have a full enlightenment because of my many strange encounters.

I am very sure those who follow me, will have eternal bliss and unrivaled wisdom. Their minds will be enriched.

To me:

Equality is everywhere,

It does not matter as I fear nothing,

Not a sign of hindrance,

No birth and death,

Purity and eternity.

Because of the great cause, I am born in this world.

Going through the stages of cultivation, realization, propagation, finally I am entering into nirvana.

My life is just like a wave that cultivate, enlighten, propagate, and passing into nirvana.

It is a common sight.

A certain night in Japan. A group of people gather at a pub to chat.

These pubs can be found in any city. Their business hours are from evening to two, or three a.m.

I noticed a pub by the name of \`Heavenly Dog\`. It is a franchise, you can find it in every city.

\`What is your past-time?\` I asked a Japanese.

\`Drinking.\` He said finally.

I believed what he said, because I heard the following in Japan..............................

Japanese employees seldom go home directly after work. As a group they will hold their jackets and go to the pub for a drink. They believe if they go home too early, their wives will look down upon them, thinking that they have no friends and do not know how to socialize (useless).

When they drink

They chat.

They are adaptable.

They laugh

They sing after being tipsy.

(In a pub at the outskirts of Tokyo, I saw it with my own eyes. Seven Japanese had a drink too many, after singing, they walked out of the pub tipsy-turvily, lined up in a row, unzipped, and started peeing. Seven columns of water from the fountain were glittering 

under the street light. As there were many cars passing by, horns were honked repeatedly. They were laughing heartily).

Japanese men have a habit of peeing wherever they like, how crazy they are.

Some pubs are crowded while others are elegant. Some are equipped with simple tables and chairs, while others use tatami, still others are decorated with colorful lanterns.

All kinds of sake can be found in Japan. My favorate brand is \`Shen\`.

The appetizers were very simple.

It can be pickle, small fish, yakitori, and other fry stuff. 

If you are hungry, you can order udon - Japanese noodle. When they eat, they inhale the udon and made a lot of noise, like a hungry ghost!

Maybe drinking is a Japanese tradition!

There are all kinds of Japanese traditions around. For instance, Bushido, Judo, kobaki, bijutsu, kimono, niwa just to name a few. If drinking can be considered an art in Japan, then maybe we can coin a new term called \`shudo\`! 

Let us imagine such a scene. 

Wearing kimono, a Japanese man sits on the well-designed tatami in a small room that has a paper wall.

A bottle of sake, and a few plates of appetizers are placed on the small table. The Japanese woman dresses in traditional costume, gently pours the sake for her husband. Better still if it is snowing heavily outside, and the heater is turned on. Romantically, both of them sipping the wine, smiling and chatting.

May I ask, where else can we find the tranquillity of our mind ?

(Above all, they must love each other very much).

I am always thinking

Japanese are known to have samurai spirit,

Isn`t wine the wave?

I wrote a short poem entitled \`Wine is wave.\`

\`Cleansing again and again,

Please cleanse me,

Please cleanse the intestines of all sentient beings,

When I am drunk,

My legs leap forward and backward,

Like a wave,

I pass through the life stage with varied styles.\` 


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