The Swan And The Ugly Toad(1)

■Book 111 - Roving Over The World

■Written by GrandMaster Sheng-yen Lu


People living in Hong Kong know very well their fate is tied to 1997. But they are unable to do anything and are ill-prepared to face the ensuing problems.

To them, this problem is a matter of adjustment.

They are familiar with the present day Hong Kong. If the future does not differ too much from what it is now, then the year 1997 does not spell disaster. They do not have to face the uncertainty in future, and who knows maybe the future is better than now.

Amongst the residents, there are people who have to worry about day-to-day survival; and of course, there are people who are not bother about who will rule Hong Kong in future.

I have many disciples in Hong Kong. My impression is Hong Kong has many modern buildings and is the liveliest place on earth. Many honest and flexible people live in this small island that has the highest number of Rolls Royce in the whole world; it is really a place full of opportunities. Slum and high-rise buildings line the same road, most of the residents speak Cantonese. It is an exciting place created by Hong Kong People.

A couplets from the novel \`The Dream of Red Chamber\` describe Hong Kong vividly.

\`Between the real and the false, the real might become the false; between the have and the 

have-not , the have is no different from the have-not.\`

Hong Kong is a real and yet dreamy world.

I write a modern poem entitled \` Growth\` and dedicate it to the people in Hong Kong.

\`Once it was an empty piece of land,

Where nobody can get the sun here.

With the passage of time, many dreams were left,

Its earth-shaking.

Sea breeze blows softly in Autumn,

The summer is very hot,

The best is during Spring,

In winter, you find the decoration for Christmas.

You will experience endless night which is full of love here,

Many years of hard work,

The attractive sunlight, moonlight forever gasp for breath

on this piece of land. \`

In Hong Kong, I was quite impressed by a lady disciple. Her nickname is \`the swan\`.

One day she came to visit me in the hotel.

I brought her to the living room. The room was spacious with high ceiling. There were a few pieces of sofa, a big coffee table, a big Chinese painting, and a bar counter with a TV set. Behind where I sat was a glass window leading to the garden.

\`The swan\` seemed very nervous when I asked her to sit in front of the coffee table, so that we could talk face to face.

I was expecting a charming, attractive , gentle and soft spoken lady, when I was told miss \`Swan\` wanted to see me. I was planning to relax and listen to her conversation.

She spotted a student`s hair cut, with very long fringe. She had very dry hair; some of them were gray. She was in her thirties, I thought her hair style did not match her age.

With a conservative style, she sat graciously in front of me. Some how I felt her face did not harmonize with the surrounding.

She had a strange look - green-bean eyes, flatnose, and sharp chin - her facial expression was also funny.

She used Cantonese to ask me.

\`Living Buddha, which way should I go ?\`

\`Do you speak Mandarin?\`

\`A little, \` she lowered her head and said loudly.

\`I don`t like to cultivate in the chapter!\`


\`All the males tried to make passes on me, they took advantage of me.\`

\`Is that so! \` patiently I listened to her, controlling my laughter.

I was told that she has a very funny character. If any man banged into her physically, she would slap him. Many follow male disciples had been slapped.

\`All of them are ugly toads!\`

\`What about the Grandmaster ?\`

\`You are different!\` she smiled, showing her yellow teeth.

\`Grandmaster, I do not sleep well, as I think a lot, I don`t feel at ease ........\`

Now, I know the reason why she was called \`the Swan\`. There are many people behaving like her these days, a conflict of self-respect and inferiority complex.


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