A Despicable Little World (2)

■Book 111 - Roving Over The World

■Written by GrandMaster Sheng-yen Lu


\`Number One Magazine\` has nothing to do with True Buddha School. None of my disciples is working in that publishing firm. We have no mutual friends. Since there is no relationship in the first place why must \`Number One Magazine\` serve our purpose? So the Chinese saying goes \`Those who come are not friendly, and friendly ones do not come!\`

The gossip magazines in Hong Kong are noted to have exaggerated the contents of its reports, using sensational language to increase their sales. They use all kinds of tricks to achieve its aim, paying no regards to the truth and the self-respect of the interviewees.

It has become a prominent feature of these magazines to be fearless in reporting \`fabricated\` incidents unabashedly.

To us, it is a nightmare. To \`Number One Magazine\`, it is common , a daily affair.

To us the \`Number One Magazine\` incidence is horrifying. But to them it is a victory. It sales has increased a lot, and the whole world knows the report.

In \`Perfect enlightenment\` Sutra, Shakyamuni Buddha wrote:

\`All sentient beings are born without intelligent eyesight,

Their bodies and minds are full of delusion.\`

As it is, how can I blame \`Number One Magazine\`? How can I fault the blind readers for believing the report to be true?

In Hong Kong , such incidence is quite common, nothing to be alarmed. To me, I have encountered all kinds of insults, not once but many interrelated incidents. All kinds of slanders and rumors surround me have never stopped circulating. I just laughed them off. When my disciples cried, I had to console them.

Hong Kong is different from other cities. It is city of contrast: rich and poor, true and false, noble and mean, real and cheat. It is a place where shady deals hide under the shadows of tall buildings.

Although Hong Kong has police, law and high court. There are even many vices.

A Hong Kong lawyer told me the highest fine for libel case amounts to two hundred thousand dollars. (I do not know the law he cited).

As I never sue others in my life, I do not intend to go to court.

Seeing my sunken and pitiful sights, they asked me how to deal with such a situation? 

Sure during that time, the news followed me closely, people talked about it every now and then.

Many disciples showed miserable looks and they wished something drastic could be done.

They looked at me emotionlessly.

And the news spread to all directions. The reports were reprinted in Malaysia, Taiwan and some European countries.

These kinds of report are best liked by hordes of flies.

I can`t do anything facing such species.

And I could care less.

At most, I pen down the origin of such incidence in my article.

\`Grandmaster, why don`t you sue them !\`

\`Who are they ?\`

\`People running Number one Magazine.\`

\`Who are those running the magazine ?\` I asked.

\`Come to think of it, we do not even know them.\`

\`This is Hong Kong, a place full of freedom that frightens us as well as numbs us. The experience that we learned from Hong Kong should be treasured!\` I said it with a slow tone.

Shakyamuni Buddha said in the \`Perfect enlightenment\` Sutra:

\` If you understand the emptiness of self, then there is no self to be slandered.\`

It means if we are devoid of attachment and greed, and reach a stage of no self, then there is no way people can slander us?

Mr Luo Zhu Hui, my disciple Ms Wang Shu Mei`s husband told me his saga.

He runs a lot of business in Hong Kong and elsewhere, and is a owner of many Benzs and Rolls Royces.

Once his Benz was stolen, a thing that happened quite often in Hong Kong. Like enduring the pains in life, Hong Kongers can only be sad and dejected without saying any words, once the cars are stolen.

Guru Lian Han of Hong Kong treasured his car so much that he must pass through four locks before he can drive his car. He had two locks for his car doors, a sterling lock, and an oil tank lock.

I was very tired watching him unlock the long pad lock for his car sterling. To have a beautiful dream fulfill in Hong Kong , one must be able to bear all kinds of sudden pain.

When Mr Luo lost his car, he could not do any thing.

Then he remembered he installed a car phone. And he made a call to the thing, and strange thing happened.

Somebody answered the call.

\`Hello! who is that?\` Mr Luo asked.


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