A Despicable Little World (3)

■Book 111 - Roving Over The World

■Written by GrandMaster Sheng-yen Lu


\`Me\`, answered the thief. \`And who are you?\` the thief asked.

\`I am the owner.\`

(Both parties know what happened)

Mr Luo wanted to scold him for stealing his car, but somehow he managed to control his rage and talked to the thief patiently.

\`Why do you steal my car ?\`

\`I am sorry! It is just your bad luck.\`

\`Can you please return me my car.\` He pleaded.

\`No way.\`

\`Just return this car to me, it is my favorite!\` He tried to move the other party`s sentiment.

\`I can`t return even one of the cars stolen as the cars are in short-supply.\` the thief answered.

\`In that case, I make a payment for the return of my car, just name your terms.\` Mr Luo forced a show-down.

\`I pay you twenty thousand dollars.\`

\`Too little.\`

\`Thirty thousand dollars.\`

\`Too little.\`

\`What about fifty thousand dollars?\`

\`OK , fifty thousand.\` the thief was very straightforward.

But then he regretted immediately.

\`No, you will call the police to arrest me.\`

\`I would not.\` Mr Luo shouted.

\`How can I trust you ?\`

\`My character.\`

\`No such thing in Hong Kong, we talked for a while, I must go now!\` suddenly he became alert.

\`Please ........\`

\`Da.....\` the line was cut.

Mr Luo had a sudden inspiration, he realized his car was still in Hong Kong, not exported to Mainland China yet. Together with some friends and policemen, he kept watch at the pier that the exported cars must pass through, and finally he saw his Benz. He stopped the car from being loaded into the container ship , and got back his favorite Benz.

The only pity was, the thief was not caught.

Mr Luo recalled the atmosphere when he talked to the car thief, it was fascinating and yet embarrassing.

He felt that the thief was polite, well-planned, and gentle.

I have deep feeling after hearing his saga:

In Hong Kong, there are many homeless staying beside the grand and posh buildings. They tried their best to find a tiny place to stay put.

I have been to the poorest place in Hong Kong. The so-called house is nothing but a mixture of mud, waste papers, and cartons. Flies are dancing over the rubbish heaps and human wastes scattered all over. The dilapidated building is tipsy turvy and rundown, and the air is full of foul smells.

I saw beggars with tattered clothes, thin and skinny children, sad-looking jobless people, and child prostitutes.

Under such living conditions, human beings have no time to talk about self-pride, it is very natural for the young to do evil deeds fearlessly.

When you are at your wit`s end, you do not have any money nor any place to stay, you do not have a job, you are sick, and you have to worry about your next meal, you will be forced to take a great risk, to steal and rob reluctantly.

I sympathy those who have to steal under such circumstances.

I sympathy their plight, and not what they did.

In a modern and civilized world, we must promote social welfare. A person must be able to do his best, then the evil can be eradicated. Everybody in this world is sure to have a beautiful dream to fulfill.

Crime will surely reduce if everybody `s aspiration comes true and has a better tomorrow!


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