■Book 111 - Roving Over The World

■Written by GrandMaster Sheng-yen Lu


\`Transcend in the air,

Enter into fire of meditative stabilization,

the body engulfs in flame,

What a way to pass away.\`

\`When the time (of death) arrives, Buddha enters into fire samadhi, and his body engulfs in fire.\`

Unpollished fire is able to enter our veins and burn away all our thoughts, emotions and troubles. This is one of the top secrets of Tantrayana. I happen to be one of the accomplished vajra guru who has mastered this dharma.

I know we should not indulge in our desires, nor should we try to suppress our passion. As Tantricas, we must cultivate the ritual known as \`Meditative Stablization of Unpolished Fire\` , so that all our ill thoughts, emotion and troubles can be extinguished. I assure you that this dharma is solid, bright, pure and stable.

I pity those uninformed cultivators who abstain themselves and reside in high mountains. They may be pure for a while, but once they return to the mundane world, they will indulge in all kinds of desire and meet their waterloo.

Tantrayana mentions about four levels of empowerment:

The first empowement - Root guru

is the same as that of Mahayana i.e. to have spiritual response with ones` root guru

The second empowerment - cultivate Qi (psychic energy inherent in the Universe)

Qi, vein, and point (Meditative stabilization of unpolished fire).

The third empowerment - harmonisation of desire

Unsurpassed Tantra (all kinds of thoughts, desires and troubles are purified).

The fourth empowerment - emptiness

(emergence of Buddha Nature and obtain perfect enlightenment).

I was asked: \`Have you been to any nightclub?\`

\`Yes\` , I answered.

\`As a cultivator, how can you go to nightclub?\`

\`I am a cultivator who is unrestrained in any way, so I do what I wish.\`

\`What do you mean by that ?\`

\`Once a cultivator is enlightened, all the happenings in the surroundings will not affect him, as his mind is set in the void even he is physically in the nightclub.\`

\`Are these theory ?\`

\`It is both theoretical and pratical.\`

To me, whether I am alone in the high mountain, or under the neon light of a vibrant city, whether I am walking alone on a quiet moutain path, or sorrounded by many beautiful girls, my mind is the same.\`

\`What do you call this level of achievement ?\`

\`Perfect purification.\`

\`Once you are purified, even if you are physically in hell, the hell will be changed into a pureland. In other words, wherever a perfectly purified persons goes, the land will also be purified.\`

\`Do you go to nightclub on purpose?\`

\`No, only on certain occasions.\`

\`Do you mean to say, all of us can go if the situation warrants?\`

\`Those who have self-control may do so, otherwise, they should not go.\`

Let me quote you an example from the Zen texts:

When a Zen master was about to cross the river with his disciple, a beautiful girl asked for help. Without hesitaion, the old master embraced her and brought her over the river. The little monk was very upset seeing the old master physically carry the girl over the river.

He tolerated for a month before asking his master.

\`Master, the other day, when we crossed the river, why do you embrace the girl?\`

His master replied: \`I carried her over the river for a moment, and I have forgotten the incident after crossing the river. But you on the otherhand have carried this incident for more than a month now!\`

The problem lies in the teacher has no intention, while the little monk is intentional.

Once a person is enlightened, he is able to control his behaviour, he will not be moved, confused and be mentally decayed. Only a beginner will be easily influenced by his surroundings. He may indulge and be affected by the environment. As he has no way of controlling himself, we must use precepts to restrict him.

This is the reason why I say :

\`Those who can control can go, while those who can`t must observe precepts. You can go to such places when you have full control.\`

In Hong Kong , a company director of a nightclub took refuge in me and became a monk. Moreover, more than 100 dance hostesses took refuge in True Buddha School.

The colourful lifestyle brings properity to Hong Kong. Many women come to Hong Kong looking for fortune. Hong Kong is full of fun, a place where you can go astray easily.

Hong Kong is popular for its cuisines. It is also a leading force in fashion. There are many palatial residence; and the streets are full of Benzes and Rolls Royces.

Once when I was in Hong Kong, I stayed at the presidential suites of Holiday Inn. Wherever I went, I was feted by a Rolls Royce.

I was asked: \`How do you feel?\`

My answer: \`I am still an ordinary folk, a nobody!\`


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