Reclamation Of Land In Singapore(2)

■Book 111 - Roving Over The World 

■Written by GrandMaster Sheng-yen Lu


Although I have no greed and nothing to fight for, I would like to be in a place that has water and waves, surrounded by mountains and beautiful scenery. The low wooden house should have a chimney. The place should have muddy roads, trees, and fishing boats, and is full of vitality.

My disciples may think that I am still attached to material world, and my dream place is too much. But I really like to stay in a place that has wonderful sight, as the scenery will be edifying.

I know Singapore is a modern country. It is noted for its cleanliness. Trees and plants are painstakingly cultivated. Occasionally, you can find quietness there, but nature and ecology have been destroyed.

The reclamation work is beyond my imagination. I was told:

the hotel was sited on a reclaimed land,

the restaurant was previously a sea,

that building was in a sea not long ago.

I can understand why Singapore must develop seawards, as it is narrow and densely populated. Many ships calls at its port annually and unloads a lot of cargoes. Singapore has to reclaim land, so as to import and ship.

Frankly I prefer the surrounding islands. They are elegant and adorable. Only coconuts and palm tress can be found there, as there are no modern buildings. Soon I was able to embrace the natural emptiness.

There is no land reclamation, and thus no artificialness.

It is back to nature in these islands. I like them as I can easily assimilate.


The Charm Of Sarira (1)

■Book 111 - Roving Over The World

■Written by GrandMaster Sheng-yen Lu

Taking refuge in True Buddha school of Buddhism has become a fashion for the death row convicts of the Singapore Prison. After their executions and cremations, \`Sarira\` found in their remains has also become a trend. It is a cyclone of Sarira.

After Shakyamuni Buddha passed away, his disciple, Ananda burned his remains and found that his bones formed into many five-colored pearls. As these pearls were hard and lustrous, they were called \`Sarira\`. \`Sarira\` refers to the bones of a Buddha.

There is a saying:

White Sarira comes from the bone,

Black Sarira comes from the hair, and

Red Sarira comes from the fresh.

Sarira is the culmination of precepts, tranquility and wisdom; it is the end result of cultivation.

Sarira may be in the form of whole body as Prabhutaratna Buddha, or a broken body as Shakyamuni Buddha.

Many people were shocked to learn that Sarira were found in the remains of dead convicts. I explained that Sarira were nurtured by Precept, tranquility and wisdom.

1. Precept - All the dead convicts were confined in their cells. They were unable to leave. By taking refuge in Buddhism, they are able to observe all the precepts and cultivate unceasingly.

2. Tranquillity - Dead convicts had more determination than all of us. As their days were numbered, they put in whole-hearted effort and achieved inner tranquility.

3. Wisdom - they were wise to have chosen the True Buddha School, which has quite a few kinds of undeniable forces:

I. Cosmic power - Dharma realm power

ii. Buddha and Bodhisattva power - Root deity power

iii. Space traveling Dharma protector power - Karma power

iv. Root Guru power - Empowerment power

v. Self tranquillity power - Own power


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