The Charm Of Sarira(2)

■Book 111 - Roving Over The World 

■Written by GrandMaster Sheng-yen Lu

The sum total of all these power sources is the largest in the whole universe.

After making a wise choice, the dead convicts took refuge in True Buddha School. This is a proof that Living Buddha Lian Sheng has majestic virtue and empowerment power. And True Buddha Tantra is a righteous form of Buddhism.

What the dead convicts cultivated in the prison were none other than four basic rituals, Root-Deity yoga , Guru yoga, Vajrayana practice, and the utmost profound Esoteric Dharma.

The real reason:

\`Because they have taken refuge in a Vajra guru who really has empowerment power.\`

To tell the truth, there is a great source of power in the universe, that is omnipresent and omnipotent. And I (Living Buddha Lian Sheng, Master Lu Sheng Yen) have assimilated myself into this force. I have gained enlightenment and unified with Buddha. I am a Buddha now, and Buddha is me.

The power from dharma realm which is omnipresent enables me to move freely into the present and energize and empower all my disciples in the prison.

As long as they chant my heart mantra, I am able to save them, liberate them and bring them away from transmigration.

I am able to be in many places at the same time - that is the ability of an enlightened person.

To me, the fact that the dead convicts have Sarira in their remains is a trivial issue, and one should not be too alarmed. Many people cannot understand the greatness of power from the dharma realm, so they don`t believe dead convicts can have Sarira.

True Buddha School is branded as unorthodox, but all the dead convicts cultivated Tantrayana which stresses personal cultivation and nothing else. I am not spreading fallacies to deceive people, as it is a fact that Sarira was found in the dead convicts.

The ignorance of human beings makes me very sad indeed!


Road Side Stalls

■Book 111 - Roving Over The World

■Written by GrandMaster Sheng-yen Lu

There is a street in Singapore. In the day time, you can see cars traveling along it. Once it is dark, both ends of the road were blocked, tables and chairs were set up, and many people took their dinner there and then. This is something new to me.

I like disciples who treat me like an old friend whom they have not met for a long while, and not as a guest of honour. In fact, I like to eat at road side stalls. Eating in a posh hotel may be stylish, but the food may not be so delicious. Moreover it is expensive and time consuming. To me, it is a pity to spend such a nice night taking a meal.

Eating at road side stalls is a different feeling altogether. You will experience unprecedented sweetness and satisfaction. Especially in Singapore, this feeling is inconceivable. Very soon, I was able to mix with the locals - chatting and laughing with restraint.

I was thinking:

Speeding cars,

And now a sea of people,

A major road just now,

And a feast, 

Very meaningful.

To the locals, this may be a common sight, and nothing unusual. They remembered that \`We must let nature takes its own course.\` The world is mercurial. If you observe more, you will understand the meaning of impermanence. A clear and boundless sky is always a prelude to a thunder storm. A cultivator must remain unchanged to deal with all the changes. This is known as \`Ren Yun\` i.e. Using a mind that is free from greed to cope with all the changes.

This is in a state where all is quiet, oblivious of self and surroundings. Our minds wonder because of cause.

At the road-side stalls:

\`Grandmaster, do you want a pot of fishhead curry?\`

\`Grandmaster, can we have Yakitori?\`

\`Grandmaster, this is fried rabbit with spring onions, have you taken rabbit before?\`

\`Grandmaster, I hope the Sesame oil chicken is not too hot!\`

\`Grandmaster, do you like to try Chop Suey?\`

\`Grandmaster, do you like ice-kachang, it is the best for a hot day!\`

As a result of the warmth of my disciples, the food piled up mountain high in front of me.

With an empty stomach, and so many delicious food before me, I really did not know where to begin. I felt carefree and joyous just sampling a little from each dish.

As one of my disciples sells fished curry for a living, I have tried this dish quite a number of times now. The curry is thick, fresh and hot.

Frankly, I don`t like to meet high-class people like politicians, high position officials and rich businessmen. They observe hypocritical protocol and etiquette to show that they have class. As their speeches are insincere, the air is very awkward.

I like country bumpkins as they are more natural.

I like the curry fishhead cooked by my disciple and enjoy dining at the road-side stalls.


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