SIA`S Stewardess

■Book 111 - Roving Over The World 

■Written by GrandMaster Sheng-yen Lu


It was reported that one foreigner flew on an SIA plane. He was attracted by the air stewardess, as she was young, pretty, had a graceful posture, and provided excellent service. As a result, the passenger could not help himself and molested the stewardess. The incident was reported in the newspaper and caused a furor.

I have flown on SIA a number of times. I noticed the stewardess are not purely Asians, nor are they Caucasian, they have special disposition. They are neither short, nor tall, their heights are just right.

Obviously, they must have gone through a vigorous selection exercise as they are not too fat, not too thin and all of them have curvaceous figures. As these stewardess have pretty faces, exude elegance and provide excellent service, small wonder the foreigner did what he did.

With makeup , tight and colorful cheongsam covered their sexy bodies, the moderate slit at the thighs, and the high heels, they are very attractive when they pose.

Compared with Oriental stewardesses, the Western stewardesses:

1. Are older as there is no restriction on age

2. Do not wear uniform

3. Sometimes provide an insincere service

4. Wears a professional smile

Being an air stewardess is a coveted job in oriental countries, but it is not so in the Western countries. Because of this difference, nobody will try to embrace a fat and old woman,- as her turkey-like smile would make one shiver.

On a SIA flight, a stewardess approached me. She had long and black hair, clear eyes and sweet features. She maintained a smiling face.

Gracefully she bent her waist and uttered in a pleasing voice of English.

\`Sir, would you like to have a vegetarian meal? I could order for you.\`

\`Must I?\` I replied.

She smiled happily.

\`Monks always ask for vegetarian meals, which is why I asked you.\`

\`I am not the same!\`

\`You mean you are not a monk ?\` She took special care on me.

\`Do I look like one?\` I quipped.

\`You do not look like a monk, but you have the eyes and ears of a Buddha!\` She added.

I explained to her the difference between vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals. Finally she understood, and she was very happy. I stressed that the difference lies in the mind and not the material.

You are taking non-vegetarian meals when you crave for too much money, and status and are easily agitated. If you do not have any attachment, it is as if you are taking vegetarian meals.

She mumbled what I have told her and said \`Good, something new!\`

She watched me with the utmost concentration and accepted every word I said, and finally she pressed her hands and said, \` I want to take refuge in you\`.


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