■Book 111 - Roving Over The World 

■Written by GrandMaster Sheng-yen Lu


Ms Chian fell first; followed by me.

I acted according to the circumstance, and did a somersault and stood up first, then I pulled her up.

There was a laughter.

In fact, I always think about these few questions:

There are different views on dancing. To the Westerners, it is not a problem. While the Orientals are more conservative, they are of the opinion that those who indulge in dancing must have a lot of problems.

We cannot deny the fact that they were many incidents arising from dancing. But I am not the same!

Although I am an emotional sentient being, but I walk a solid path the whole life. My reason rules my emotion.

My dance:

Gently flows like stream murmurs,

Aand yet turbulent and tempestuous,

It is elegant and lively.

My dance belongs to me. I danced to show my inner beauty, my happiness and my joy. I was able to reach a stage of oblivion. Within seconds, I was able to embody the true, the good and the beautiful. 

When I was young , I liked to dance, I was fond of my own dancing styles. And I did not bother about the strange glance from the surrounding. How do these common folks know about my inner feeling? Although I am warm, I still can keep my cool.

In my view, dancing is the best form of exercise. It exudes beauty and voices our joy.

Apart from song and dance, what else can express our utmost bliss?

When I walk the cultivation path, I noticed the path is very narrow. There are so many precepts to observe, so many systems and restrictions to comply with.

I started to tie myself down. Wearing lama costume, shaving my head bald, I cannot go to the so-called \`normal world\`, as if I have fallen into a trap that has no freedom, a trap that is quiet, miserable and lonely. And I started to seek the inner truth.

Cultivation is an important issue in life, its meaning is deep and profound. It is also a road of no return, 

I will not regret my decision as I have the utmost confidence and perseverance. I am fully aware, that I am the brightest ray of rainbow in the sky. My salvation is the many hues of rosy clouds.

Finally I am enlightened.

Without attachment to \` ego\`,

Without attachment to \`dharma\`,

I am released from my bondage,

And able to use my mystic powers.

I do not have a past, nor do I have a future, I am living right now...........

When my disciples like to see me sing, I will sing;

When my disciples like to see me dance, I will dance.

Then I realize, I am no different from others. I live what I like to live and adapt myself to different circumstances. I try to do whatever I have to do perfectly, and I understand the meaning of 

\`happiness is be contented with one`s lot\`.

I have no demand on the earthly things, although I still like to dance, listen to music and paint.

Beauty is my life style in this world.

I do not want to be bonded by restrictions for cultivators set by the secular world, nor do I like to be tied by the mundane affairs. I have my own taste in cultivation.

I am warm but not amorous.

This is how I propagate the True Buddha Tantra.


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