Two Magnificent Rituals

■Book 104 - A Plethora Of Scenic Splendours

■Written by GrandMaster Sheng-yen Lu


On January 9th , 1993 the ritual held at Qiu Fu Memorial hall was magnificent. It broke a record. The complimentary terms used by the newspapers and magazines are aplenty : Full house, not even a drop of water could trickle through, a sea of people, never before, many spiritual response, breaking records, what a perfection, images in the sky, renaissance of Buddhism, rebirth of Buddha, Shakyamuni the second...

These complimentary terms have reaffirmed that Living Buddha's magic power is infinitely resourceful. There are few people like him in this world.

Then on January 13th, 1993 I went to Hong Kong's Hong Kang stadium and presided a fire puja ritual. It was another ritual attended by more than ten thousand people. There were many complimentary terms used also. Many newspapers and magazines reported the event. My picture was used as the cover. The headline was “Lu Sheng Yen comes again!”

At the Har Par Villa, Hong Kong, two ladies were at a store.

“The dharma master you talked about is over there.” One of them said.

“I think it must be him.”

“He is not very tall, with a perfect face, long ears, he looks like a Buddha to me.”

“His real name is Lu Sheng Yen.”

“Lu Sheng Yen, the one who can cure your sickness? “

“Yes, that is the one I mentioned.” replied another lady.

Wherever you go in Hong Kong, when the term Living Buddha Lian Shen is mentioned, people will show an astounded look. He is not only well known to the buddhists. People all over the walks, from the highest class to the lowest, including the young and old, know about him. They asked questions like:

“Is he a human being?”

“Does he look frightening?”

“Is he an intriguing person?”

No matter what do you think, the ritual held in Singapore, Johor Bahru, Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Sibu, Tawau, and Hong Kong clearly show that True Buddha School is up and coming. The attainments of Master Lu are extraordinary. You can feel them from his movements, and his look. His ritual-prominent, his personality-outstanding.

I talked about sarira (relics) in the rituals held in Tawau and Hong Kong. Although the world is very big, it is rare a venerated monk has sarira in his remains. We hail the news sarira were found in the remains of those dead convicts who took refuge in True Buddha School. Alas! Those people from other religious bodies, who attacked me pull a long face immediately. As usual, they used a low tone and fabricated an unwarranted charge, “impossible!”

This time I used a simple and direct method to counter:

Human testimony - Ex-convict on dead rows who was released from prison and family members of the dead convicts concerned.

Material evidence - Sarira Exhibition.

The human testimony and material evidence had frightened them into a fainthearted turtle, without utter a word.

We smile and they cry.

True Buddha School prides itself that human beings have high attainments. It is never easy to set up a true school in Buddhism in the first place. But we are able to show the result - the cultivation fruit. True Buddha School will go on to be the main stream of Buddhism, this is an unavoidable trend.

Many venerated monks are indeed very foolish. They unduly treasure their lives. By all means they try to overwhelm Lu Sheng Yen. this is because many of their disciples have decided to join Lu Sheng Yen. And what they did was just making a lot of noise, since they cannot produce sarira. And at times, they foolishly pretended like a moth darting into a flame- to show their untrue bravery.

The dead convicts from True Buddha School put in unceasing effort in their cultivation, it is a tragic experience, it is a miserable beauty. The raging flame has charted the brightness of True Buddha school. The venerated monks are moth darting into a flame. They tried to control the news media, so that news about dead convicts have sarira in their remains are not divulged. They are even more stupid than we thought.

I say,

sarira are found in Shakyamuni,

sarira are found in the ten chief disciples,

sarira are found in the five hundred arhats,

and now, sarira are found in the dead convicts who cultivated True Buddha Tantra.


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