Lineage`s Authenticating Objects

■Book 104 - A Plethora Of Scenic Splendours

■Written by GrandMaster Sheng-yen Lu


I went to pay respect to Guru Tuden Daji in Hong Kong on January 12th, 1993. The visit reminds me of the authenticating objects given to me by the grandmasters of different eras.

I list the items below.

Kagyudpa (Red Sect)

1. A small vajra given to me by Liao Ming the monk. The vajra is black, precise, unpolished and has a distinctive sound. The item has been used by Guru Nuo Na.

2. A Manjusri box given to me by Liao Ming the monk. It is a cute and delicate treasure indeed. The item came from Potala monastery. Guru Nuo Na gave the precious box to Liao Ming, who passed to me later. The work is exquisite; it is a very valuable treasure.


Gelugpa (Yellow Sect)

1. A Vajrapani Bodhisattva carved from clay. It belonged to Living Buddha Gan Zhu in the first place. He gave it to Guru Tuden Daji, who in turn present it to me. You can never imagine how nice this image carved from clay can be. Delicate, solemn and coloured, it is bigger than a thumb but smaller than a palm. It is just marvellous.

2. A Varjayogini carved from clay. It belonged to Living Buddha Gan Zhu originally. The size is the same as Vajrapani. Although uncoloured, it is remarkably true to life. It is inconceivable that Guru Tuden Daji gave it to me.

3. A Golden Time-wheel Vajra. Originally the vajra belonged to Living Buddha Gan Zhu. It is made of pure gold. It has mantra of Time-wheel in front, and the signature of Gan Zhu on its back. Guru Tuden Daji instructed me to wear it whenever I preside over a grand ritual.

4. A Diamond dharma wheel- Once it belonged to Guru Tuden Daji. The dharma wheel was made of sparkling diamonds. He told me this is the only one in the whole world - his authenticating token.

5. A gold Vajra and a gold bell- the size of a thumb. They are hooked on to the rosary beads. When I received Supreme Tantra empowerment from Guru Tuden Daji, he gave them to me as tokens.

My lineage gurus from Gelugpa (yellow Sect) gave me a lot of tokens. Gold pin, glass bat, jade elephant, Vajrasattva, crystal ball, double-dragon gold ring, reclining elephant-nose fortune god just to name a few.

6. A Three-sided Vajra-given to me on January 12, 1993 as token. On top is a three-sided Vajra, below is a single-arm Vajra. Guru Tuden Daji instructed When I hold karma ritual (for confession of sins and absolution) in future, the item can be used to counter all the evil spirits, to turn danger into safety.


Nyingmapa (White Sect)

1. A White crystal rosary beads-the item belonged to the sixteenth Karmapa . He used this hand to hold 

it and turned the beads. Each bead is as big as a bird egg. It is not the ordinary type. When I received the five Buddha profound empowerment, Karmapa gave me this beautiful rosary beads as a token.

2. A Jade vase-the item also belonged to Karmapa who has all kinds of jade. In fact he has many treasure in his room. The best carpet from Tibet was laid on his dharma seat. He took the jade vase from the pure-white table and gave it to me as a token. The jade vase has been polished, originally it came from Xin Long De Temple, Sikkim.

When the sixteen Karmapa gave me the authenticating object. The lamas in attendance were very surprised. They considered it inconceivable , a magnificent spiritual opportunity.


Sakyapa (Flower Sect)

1. A Shakyamuni Buddha's image - It belonged to Lama Shajia Zhenkong. It is made of brass, quite old and as big as a palm. The item has been with him for a long time. He wrapped it with a piece of white cotton clothes. As he leads an ascetic life, this is one of the few items he carried with him.

2. A Jade lion seal from snowy mountain-It belonged to Lama Shajia Zhenkong, who gave me as a token. Snowy mountain is actually Tang Gu La mountain. The lion from snowy mountain is an intelligent animal. He wanted me to be fearless as a lion from snowy mountain.

(Lama Shajia Zhenkong was born in De Gei Bang, Tibet. He became a monk at the age of ten. He left Tibet at twenty six, and has been cultivating in Bhutan, Sikkim and Himalayan area. He observes many strict precepts. Most of my vows to uphold precepts were empowered by him.”

Other tokens given by him included lotus flower, jade pot Vajra head-dress, vajra lock etc.


I am telling all of you my lineage is genuine. A verse written personally by Guru Tuden Daji is on the wall of Rainbow Villa.


The metrical narrative is for Tantra protection,

Climbing mount Lu, I see the bright path.

All sentient beings have the wisdom word-hum,

Its auspicious they follow the right dharma.

The truth will be protected by divine beings,

The dharma favour is extended to all.


The omnipresent truth is accompanied by solemn lotus flowers.

Edified by the fragrant incense,

We respect the Buddha's mercy.


Living Buddha Amchok presented me a seat for the dharma king.

Living Buddha Shan Shan gave me a robe for the dharma king.

This is what I have to say:


點此入內 線上刷卡


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