Maintain An Excellent Public Order(2)

■Book 111 - Roving Over The World ■Written by GrandMaster Sheng-yen Lu


I am really impressed by the cleanliness of Singapore. Apart from oriental charm, Singapore also has retained the colonial past. It boasts of huge and elegant buildings. You can find all kinds of goods in the bazaars - the East meets the West in this multi-religious society.

The goods on display can be either cheap or expensive. Compared with Hong Kong, Singapore goods are mostly genuine.

A pretty, petite and moderately make-up female disciple guided me to tour the departmental stores. I asked her how she likes living in Singapore.

Her features are small and sedate, but her lips are exceptional thin. Obviously she is very good in talking.

She answered me by asking a question.

\`What do you think, Grandmaster?\`

\`Modern and comfortable,\` I replied.

\`Most people have the same impression, but there are others who say the country is too bureaucratic and not democratic at all.\`

\`Bureaucracy can result in too tight a control; on the other hand, being too democratic can lead to laissez faire and the country might end up in a sorrowful plight. It is not easy to strike a balance between law and human feelings.\`

\`You are right, Grandmaster.\`

I continued: \`I like to observe others, and go into the inner world. As a spiritual teacher, I live my life with an appreciating mind.\`

I am reminded of the public order in Singapore and Japan. Many countries would like to emulate the public order in these two countries. Singapore does it with \`System\`, while Japan stresses on education. Their approaches are totally different.

To me, the Japanese are courteous and unpretentious in nature. Through life-long education, being courteous has become a national passion. To have an excellent public order is a natural phenomena in Japan that cannot not be achieved in a day or two.

On the other hand, the western courtesy is noble but artificial.

Degeneration in morality in the western countries has almost reached a point of no return.

Education is the only hope. The value of human being is no different from that of the animal. In fact, some criminals are worse than the animals.

Some of the western media even encourage filth, barbarianism, and brutality.

In Chicago, I saw it with my own eyes:

A late-home comer drove through a not-so-safe zone. When he stopped at a junction, a speeding car hit the right side of his car . When five men stepped out from the speeding car, I thought they would render first-aid to the injured party who suffered a concussion and ruptured bones. Instead they opened the car door and took away the victim`s wallet, cash, documents, traveler`s cheque , brief case, and jewelry.

They didn`t even take a glance at the victim. They had no sympathy whatsoever towards the victim who was lying in a pool of blood. They swaggered off after the robbery.

This is the fashionable \`Accident robbery.\`

While in New York , I also witnessed:

It was closing time at a restaurant, two masked robbers went in to rob. They wanted the cashier to open the cash register.

The manager happened to come out from his office at that moment. Out of panic, the robbers shot and killed the manager, thinking that he was the reinforcement. The cashier and two customers were also killed instantly. Thereafter, they took the cash and fled.

(These two soul-stirring scenes are not from a movie, they happen everyday in big cities. Living in such a horrible world, how can one live in peace?)

It is food for thought,

\`How can human beings be so cruel?\`

\`How can we bring them to self-realization?\`


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