Overcoming The Black Magic

■Book 104 - A Plethora Of Scenic Splendours

■Written by GrandMaster Sheng-yen Lu


It is a well-known fact that people in Thailand and Malaysia practise Black Magic.

Lu Sheng Yen is a household name. His disciples who worship him will enshrine his photograph and cultivate the Tantra - “Guru Yoga”. When they see him, they will kneel down and prostrate to him, to show their utmost respect. In their eyes, Lu Sheng Yen is a Buddha.

For those who oppose him, or become jealous of him, the appearance of Lu Sheng Yen will blunt their popularity. They will find Lu Sheng Yen disgusting. In short, there are people who have the greatest esteem for him; and there are people who want him dead.

It is thus, not surprising for those who practise black magic to make an attempt on his life, to finish him off with a fatal strike.

The head of Lu Sheng Yen must be the most valuable one in this world. Once the news that Lu Sheng Yen has been killed by a head-hunter got around, the sorcerer will be even more popular.

The problem is he must have unrivalled talent in order to deal with Lu Sheng Yen, otherwise it will be a futile effort.

As I went to bed in the presidential suite of Pearl Hotel, Penang that night, I smelled a strange fragrance.

“Here they come”, I told myself.

I could see things others could not see; and I could feel things that others could not feel.

About ten child-ghosts that looked like demons lied in wait for me. Their hairs were sticking out in all directions, and shinning like a golden light. Their eyes were as stern as a wolf. Their snow-white teeth were as sharp as thorns, and their bites could kill a healthy cow instantly. Like demons, they closed in from all directions. In no time, they surrounded my bed. With a sad and shrill cry, the ten child-ghosts pounced on me like hungry wolves.

Imagine, a person being attacked by ten child-ghosts at once. Before he can scream, his neck may be broken, his heart pulled out, his blood splashed, and his bones crushed; he could be dead in seconds even if he is a healthy man.

This is Black magic. From nowhere the ten child-ghosts appeared, they surrounded you like a net. Once they tightened the net, you will be dead. This was a golden opportunity for the sorcerer who wanted to kill Lu Sheng Yen. Lu Sheng Yen was sure to die as he stayed motionless.

Sleeping in gentle and cultivated pose, I took a deep breath, and changed myself into a Vajra. I visualized myself turning into a Vajra by reciting the three syllable brightness Mantra “Lang, Yang, Kang.”

Remaining in my bed, I did not move, nor did I get up and run away hastily. In fact, I did not step up my defence. At that precious last moment, the sound “Ka cha, Ka cha,” could be heard vividly. Maybe Lu Sheng Yen's neck was broken, his arms, legs and fingers were all bitten into pieces.......... Tragedies occurred in this world quite often, but wonderful things always befell on Master Lu Sheng Yen. He was still perfectly alright in his bed. The first “Ka cha, Ka cha,” was the sound made by the broken teeth of the first child-ghost; and the second “Ka cha, Ka cha,” was the sound made by the broken teeth of the second child-ghost. In fact, all the ten child-ghosts had their teeth broken into pieces.

I knew they were the most proficient man-eaters. They had attacked many people and their victims appeared to have died of heart attacks. They have never failed so far. They never show sympathy as they are loyal to their master who commands them. 

They were unhappy to have met their Waterloo; they screamed as they lost all their teeth.

Their target was Lu Sheng Yen, the one and only Lu Sheng Yen. If Lu Sheng Yen can be killed by Black Magic, then he should not be called Lu Sheng Yen.

Black magic is strange and surreptitious. So is my Tantra. It is very difficult if not impossible to explain.

This chapter is about overcoming the black magic that took place in Penang. The saga is admired and well-liked by all my disciples.


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