Treasure The Opportunity To Learn The Dharma This Life

■Book 104 - A Plethora Of Scenic Splendours

■Written by GrandMaster Sheng-yen Lu


In Lian Hu Lei Tsang Temple, I planted a mangosteen tree, and guru Lian Xiang a Jambu tree.

On January 8th, 1993 , at 11:00 a.m. I initiated the Lian Hu Lei Tsang Temple, among others, True Buddha hall, Goddess of golden mother hall, True Buddha Tantric garden, Ksitigarbha hall, virtue hall, fortune hall......

Persons responsible for the construction of the temple are:

Lian Hua Qun He

Lian Hua Yan Shen

Lian Hua Guo Zhong etc.

I wrote a verse to commemorate 

In the samsara world, ten of thousands of lotus flowers blossom, the view at the lake was brilliant like a raging fire,

the drum and thunder will shock for years,

honour the Buddha and find the truth.

People have questioned me how a Lei Tsang Temple can be built in a small town like Tawau. They want to know the reason.

I believe by keeping close to True Buddha Tantra, we can achieve outstanding result. True Buddha Tantra is the most respectable and valuable Tantra, what are its specialities?

They include:

purification, invocation, taking refuge, prostration, making offering, recital of sutra, mudra, visualisation, chanting mantra, meditation, recital of Buddha's name, transference. 

Outwardly, we cultivate the purification of body, speech and mind. Inwardly, we cultivate the pure light from Qi, Mai and Ming Dian. (vital energy, veins, and luminous point)

It consists of combined wisdom of Manjusri and Samantabhadra's ten vows. We do not rest on our laurels. True Buddha Tantra can be described as a dharma vessel, big enough to bring countless sentient beings to the other shore (enlightenment).

The attainments of Lian Hu Lei Tsang Temple is no mean feat.

The spirit of the temple reflects in the structure of the whole building. The unrivalled True Buddha Tantra is very charming.


The speech by Guru Lian Xiang

Guru Lian Xiang of True Buddha School, Seattle, USA said at the initiation and opening ceremony today that during the construction of the temple , three miracles have happened. She pointed out that the cause of building the temple is remarkable. When Living Buddha last went to Singapore for propagation, Lian Hua Yan Sheng and a few disciples from Lian Hu Chapter went to Singapore and asked Living Buddha for empowerment so that the planned construction work can progress smoothly. Three miracles have since happened. First, after they returned from Singapore, the permit to build Lian Hu Lei Tsang Temple was approved immediately. Second, the building fund was a miserable ten thousand after the permit was obtained. The committee members and follow disciples nevertheless went ahead with the building plan. They asked for empowerment by Buddha and Bodhisattva. And miracle happened again. Whenever money was short, Padmakumara will show his mystic power by delivering the money. Third, when Living Buddha confirmed he will officiate the initiation and opening ceremony, only six months were left for the construction work - a time just enough for the construction of an ordinary house. As you can see, this solemn temple needs time and effort to build. During construction, follow cultivators asked for empowerment by Buddha and Bodhisattva, so that the rain came as and when required. True enough, favours were given to the True Buddha disciples. During day time when work had to be carried out, it never rained. When the cement needed water at night, it rained automatically. It is really a miracle.

The greatest contemporary Tantrica, Living Buddha Lian Shen this morning at 9:30 a.m. officiated the initiation and opening ceremony of the True Buddha Temple - Lian Hu Lei Tsang Temple. More than one thousand people attended the function. The crowds jammed the roads leading to the temple. The grand temple, completed in under six months, is situated at True Treasure way off Xin An Road 3rd mile. The temple's surroundings are elegant. It is quiet in a noisy place. The True Buddha hall enshrined Shakyamuni Buddha, the three saints of the Western Pure Land, Avalokitesvara, Mahasthama, Padmakumara and four Isvara gods. On the right of the main hall is Ksitigarbha hall, where the great vow Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva is enshrined. Virtue hall is just behind it. On the left of the main hall is goddess of golden mother hall where Jade-Pond-Golden-Mother is enshrined. These pure and solemn images were all imported from China.

Inside the temple is also a room that can accommodate more than one hundred people cultivating together. Another auditorium will be used to train True Buddha personnel. There are library, office and dinning room in the temple also.

Guru Lian Xiang opined that the solemn temple is a good place for cultivation. Follow cultivators must uphold the True Buddha spirit and view salvation and cultivation as the most urgent tasks. She said two days ago she planted a tree on the left side of the main hall. The tree can only grow properly if there are sunlight, water and tender care. To be fruitful in our cultivation, we must grow, expand and bear fruit like a growing tree. 


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