Tolling The Bell Of Kanryuji (2)

■Book 111 - Roving Over The World

■Written by GrandMaster Sheng-yen Lu


I visited Kanryuji at Ho Ju Zan in Kurashiki.

There were four stone pillars of four meters height each, representing the elements of earth, water, fire, wind and emptiness respectively.

Words were inscribed in the four sides of the stone pillars.

The sides of the pillars facing the temple have the same inscription which read :

\`Stupa for dharma bliss - Hung-Fa, the venerable monk 1,150 years ago\`

I was pondering in front of the stone pillars:

\`I met the Bohdisattva previously, and was personally taught all the Mudra and Mantra.\`

\`Sat means \`have\` and tva means \`passion\`. I think it was referring to Hung-Fa the venerable monk who met Hui Guo the elderly monk (the passionate Bodhisattva). Hui Guo the elderly monk later taught Hung -Fa all the Mudras and Mantras. This could be understood as sharing of Dharma lights and tantric teachings.\` 

\`Living under the trees at Takayama, and taking a mytic trip to Tushita heaven.\`

(Hung-Fa the venerable monk founded the Shingon school of Buddhism at Takayama; and he gained enlightenment at Maitreya Bodhisattva`s Pure Land , i.e. Tushita Heaven.)

The second couplet which reads:

\`Using the physical body to achieve enlightenment, we have to await the rebirth of Chi Shi (Maitreya Bodhisattva.)\`

There are other inscriptions such as:

\`The physical body given by our parents is being used to seek instant enlightenment.\`

(The life given by our parents, the wisdom taught by our teacher are used to achieve Buddhahood - the ultimate aim in life.)

\`Cultivate the dharma of earth and sand empowerment, so that the noble, the lowly and all kinds of spirits can obtain enlightenment.\`

(True Buddha School has the equivalent dharma known as Vajra-Sand dharma, and Seven-Treasure-Lotus-Pond sand dharma.)

\`Mind and Enlightenment\`

\`Mind and Nirvana\`

\`Mind and Expediency\`

\`Mind and Buddha Land\`

These inscriptions merely confirm that : \`all human minds have Buddha nature.\`

An inscription talking about the law of Karma reads as follows: \`Buddha tells the cause, everything arises because of interdependent origin. Everything will dawn once the causation comes to an end.\`

At this very moment - -

Suddenly a loud and pleasing sound of the bell broke the silence at the Kanryuji.

The sound was very clear and could be heard from the bottom of the hill instantly; 

The flowers and bushes were awaken to put on their best show.

Looking at the sky, I found it to be extraordinary blue. There was only a cloud with a splendid colour.

In my heart, I could feel the tranquility arising from the thoughtless stablization. If the mind can be assimilated, even the hearing of the bell could trigger off a stage of oblivation.

The sound of bell, and the human mind can create an echo that leads to a mediative stablization.

It was Lian Jie, the youngest dharma master who toll the bell.

When we walked towards the bell, \`Grandmaster, please toll the bell for us\`, Lian Jie made a request.

\`You toll the bell, and I listen!\`

\`No, Grandmaster you toll the bell, and all of us listen !\`

In my heart, I was thinking: \`I have tolled the bell, and now its time for the rest of you to toll the bell.\`

I carried on shouting: \`You toll the bell for all of us to listen please!\`

When the bell of Kanryuji was tolled, it showed an imposing air,

the sound is pleasing to the ear, clear and melodious.

It is by no means a turbulent noise, more like water flowing from the stream;

it is clear and bright, trying to soothe and moderate the human minds.

I made a wish:

May the sound of the bell travel far and apart,

May the toll of the bell carry on without stoppage,

So that all the minds of the sentient beings are purified.


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