The Swan And The Ugly Toad(1)

Lack of sleep could lead to unstable emotion. The tell-tale signs are pale complexion, and fish-line at the eyes. She was lonely and hopeless as she could not fit into the society. 

I told her, \`The most important thing in life is \`change\`. We must change our isolated way of life, and take part in group activities. Our life will be more pleasant if people we don`t like can become our friends.\`

I added, \`Face the society, do not run away, tackle all the problems - these are considered \`cultivation\`.\`

\` I can`t do it!\` the swan replied.

\`Do you have any hopes ?\` I asked.

\`I don`t think so!\` she thought for a while.

I told her, \`You must have hope in life, so that you could feel your existence.\`

\`Do something meaningful work, once it is done, you will feel you are alive, this is your future!\`, I added.

I was not quite sure whether she understood me. She did not smile, nor could she concentrate as she could not take life easily. The knot in her mind is difficult to untie.

I told her sincerely:

to face others,

to mix with others,

do meaningful work.

The spark from our inner world will cover all the outer flaws.

Suddenly I recalled a very entertaining report on Swan:

\`A white swan resembles an angel. It is clean and has nice feathers. Its flight is elegant and relaxed.

But the truth is not so. They make a lot of noises when staying together. They are impatient, worrisome, and bad-tempered. They peck their opponents` feathers and other small animals to death.

In fact, Swan is considered one of the savage creatures.\`

On the other hand, the ugly toad always sits quietly looking for food.

Shy by nature, it makes very little noise. As it is not well -like by others, it tries to hide itself all the while. It is a humble creature.

Do you think the ugly toad will eat the swan`s meat?

I doubt so, as the swan can easily peck it to death. The behaviour of the swan leaves much to be desired.




A Despicable Little World(1)

■Book 111 - Roving Over The World

■Written by GrandMaster Sheng-yen Lu

Although Hong Kong has a lovable side, When I write about the despicable little world, I am exposing its dreadful aspect.

In Hong Kong, you have to be combat-ready, as any moment , there will be a fight. The security guards working at goldsmith shops carry weapons loaded with real bullets.

All kinds of brothels line the street, even those grand hotels along Kowloon Pond are inspired by carnal desire.

Owners of mobile stalls and rich businessmen share the same kind of anxiety.

It is not uncommon to witness thefts, robberies and triad societies in Hong Kong.

Hong Kongers are more pragmatic than others, they judge your society position by the money you make.

The society is fully commercialized, and is totally motivated by wealth. It is old fashion to talk morality and religion in Hong Kong. Nevertheless, I believe there are still many lovable common folk around. Roaming in the street, I noticed a small book store at the corner of the street. I stopped to browse

My disciple said : \`Grandmaster, please don`t read them!\`

\`Why not?\`

\`These books are decadent, obscene and pornographic materials. They will dirty your eyes.\`

I took a glance, really these pictures are not enriching arts, they are frightening vulgar.

I said: \`Grand master has been purified, I am not afraid of contamination, I want to understand Hong Kong`s culture and media better.\`

There are all kinds of magazines displayed by the stalls - a fascinating world of its own. It occurred to me, Hong Kong is a small island, and the small book stall is an isle in an island!

I saw a magazine entitled \`Number One Magazine\`, which I had very deep impression.

My picture once appeared as the cover for this magazine.

Que Ying Yang , a reporter came to interview me sincerely, and I obliged to answer her. But when the interview was printed, I could not believe it.

None of my answers were printed, and the whole article was fabricated. The special interview turned out to be a con. 

My disciples wept. I consoled them: \` It does not matter, such thing happens in Hong Kong.\`


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